Screen Mirroring Receiver

Mirror your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows or Mac to this screen

1. Download the Mobile App or start the Desktop App.


2. In the Screen Mirroring App, please scan the QR code or enter the ID below to connect.


3. If screen mirroring does not work, please switch to and try again.

4. Need help? Get support via Please add your device model name and number for faster support.

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Tutorial for Remote Screen Mirroring

Learn how to share your screen to any device over the Internet.


Tutorial for Samsung, LG and other Smart TVs

Learn how to mirror your mobile screen the web browser or internet app on your Smart TV.


Tutorial for iMac or MacBook

Learn how you can mirror your mobile screen to the web browser on your iMac or MacBook.


Tutorial for Sony Playstation

Learn how you can mirror your mobile screen to the web browser on your Sony Playstation.



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